Dear Friend,

If you had any inkling of how important a camera was going to be after your child was born, you would have already gotten a masters degree in photographic arts and practiced on the offspring of complete strangers while you still had the time.  But it's likely you're reading up on our tutorials in between naps and feedings, on your lunch break or from your iphone in the carpool line. We know this. We understand this! We've sacrificed sleep, precious sleep for online newborn lighting tutorials and skipped many a meal while scouring photography message boards, which is why we're hoping to save you some time by presenting: Momtography 101.

Trust us, as the mothers of small children, we will not attempt to cram any more technical mumbo jumbo into your head than you absolutely must know. In fact, in the interest of not missing a moment of your child's life, we're going to gloss over some of the finer points of the science of photography and encourage you to revisit them as your understanding and time bank grows.  Could this be dangerous? Well, yes, if your goal is to become a professional photographer. Because, while a professional photographer's goal is to be highly skilled in the science and art of photography, a momtographer's goal should be to be highly skilled in capturing moments in her life that matter most.  We firmly believe that with a basic understanding of the material on our site you'll be free to paint with your camera the story of your family.

For the trigger happy...
If you are a hands-on learner that starts to go cross-eyed reading a manual... or you just can't wait to get started... we suggest that jump right into our Learn By Looking! section or join our community over in the forums. We've tried to make everything as visual as possible so that momtographers with even the most basic of cameras will benefit from the tips we have to offer.  You might find that you're happy leaving your camera in automatic and snapping away for months to come.  Eventually though, you will probably hit a wall, and WANT to begin absorbing the terminology and applying it to your camera. And, if that describes you then by all means dive into our Serious Snap section and take a crack at some of the more advanced tutorials.

But before you go running off, if you can stay with us through the next few sections (and we hope you do!) we'll familiarize you with the most basic momtographer concepts. Concepts that we feel are universal to all momtographers regardless of experience or equipment. In keeping with our visual approach we try to incorporate as many pictures and diagrams as possible to guide you as you move through the material.

Finally, we don’t ask for much, we mean it when we say we are minimalists in our approach! But, there are a few things that we do ask and we hope that you will happily comply! The first thing we ask for is patience. It can be a rocky road at times getting to know and love your camera, but the reward is so sweet! Next, please bring a positive outlook on the process, if you aren’t having fun you shouldn’t be doing it, this is a hobby after all! And last if you are shooting with anything more sophisticated then the phone on your camera, go dig up the camera manual from the depths of wherever you’ve banished it to. It will be your new favorite reading material, well with the exception of this site of course!


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